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- About -

BooTickety Blankets is based along the sunny South Coast of England on Shoreham Beach using a patchwork collection of beautiful fabrics to create a unique blanket complete with a layer of fleece on the underside. The softness of fleece compliments perfectly the texture of the cottons. Each blanket is easily washed and tumble dry friendly at 30 degrees.

The concept for BooTickety Blankets is a gift of beauty that can be used and appreciated. As a style statement across your sofa, on the bottom of your bed, or even in the back of your car or camper van: it is the blanket that goes camping, surfing, takes picnics in the park, sand castles on the beach and keeps you warm on the hills when the wind blows. It watches daybreak and sees the sunset. We are proud to say that our blankets are jet setters and are used in all of these scenarios.

Fabrics used for our blankets can be chosen by you to create a totally individual piece of art work or can be bought pre made. I am currently working on a set of design templates so that a blanket can be made to the specifics if required.

More information on I'd love to hear any comments you may have and it would be great if you followed BooTickety Blankets on the social media sites as listed.

- Contact -

Telephone: 07757 269067